About me

I am Ze Yang, a tortoise-like beginner of the system research. I may move forward slowly, but I will persevere to the end.

The goal of my research is to make computer systems reliable and secure, especially those operating at the cloud and datacenter scale. My mission is to help today’s systems defend against all kinds of errors and defects, such as software bugs, configuration errors, and design flaws. I am very happy that some of our work helps improve reliability of real-world systems.

One funny thing about me in my research career

I loved to sleep in the lab and stayed in the lab to talk with other folks. But staffs kicked me out and confiscated my folding bed later because they thought I was abused.

Story that makes me believe I will be a good worker in both research and indutry areas.

A famous computer scientist believes that people who eat a lot tend to be good researchers. The reason is that people who can eat more need to spend the energy (on research!) and make money to support their appetite. And that’s who I am, I’m a big eater full of energy for research.